Established in 1998, Bronx River Bicycle Works is a full-service bicycle shop located in Mount Vernon, NY.  We offer professional bicycle repairs, an ever expanding selection of used bicycles, and new bicycles & accessories from Olympic, World, National and Professional Championship Winning Brands.

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Come on down as our New Bicycle Selection is the best we have ever offered now On Sale most of our newest New Bikes have yet to have been posted so come on down Take a Look and grab the Best of the Best while they Last!

The Holiday Clearance Sale!

Open til 8:00pm

DSCN1524Come By Our Beautiful Mount Vernon Avenue Store!  In the Labor Lyceum Building!


Our Biggest most Beautiful New Bicycle Inventory Ever!  Almost every In Stock New Bicycle comes with our Awesome Upgrades some models come with one or more of these as Included such as the Alloy Pedal with Strapless Mini Clips as below featured.


The Nylon Strapless Mini-Toe clips which let the Rider Bond with the Bicycle without being Bound to it!


The Ladies Love them and tell me “they never have ridden so effectively nor so enjoyably!”


One Father stated his son loved them (The Strapless Nylon Mini-Clips) so much that he wouldn’t get off the bicycle for an hour and a half, not even to play with one of our other wondrous products such as the Aerobie Sprint and Professional Check out our TOYS Pages…next pics


All of the Above Superflight Toys are Awesome but the Sprint and Professional Aerobies fly like no other Toy in the World, I tell people they can Pay for College and they tell me they have used them upon my recommendation for 6 years bringing it to Europe and back one Gentleman told me he played each and every all day on of the 10 days with his son since he bought it while I fixed the bicycle and that it is the Best thing he has bought in a year!  A truly scientific toy which you learn something every time you throw or read its flight and is an excellent exercise motivator, does not scratch cars nor break windows is easy to throw and catch and is FUN!  That’s probably why I have sold thousands in the past 3 years alone!  Affordable FUN which pays for itself in just a couple afternoons play if you don’t loose it in the Ocean or Trees!  Fun, Exercise and MORE Fun and Exercise! I tell people it’s the Greatest Toy in the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Lots of New Juvenile 12″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 24″ Wheel BMX and ATB Bikes in stock with Purchase Bonus Store Credit, Adult All Terrain ATB, Comfort, Urban, Road Bicycles with various Upgrades and New Bicycle Purchase Bonuses.


Cocoa Loco our Guard Cat

An early pic of the Shop Year 2 on location.


Same View Currently 17 Years!  More Open, More Interesting, More Everything!


From the Shop Side looking towards the Entryway, Lots of Everything!