Biria USA is committed to giving everyone the ultimate comfort and quality in riding bicycles.  We have placed customer needs and satisfaction at the core of our business creed.

Biria has its roots as a truly European brand. Having originated in Germany, Biria Bicycles became a popular brand in Europe with a flair for being both utilitarian and stylish.  Biria USA was born in 2002 with the desire to bring bicycles to North America that captured the same spirit embodied in the most popular models being ridden all across Europe.

The flagship product for Biria Bicycles is the Easy Boarding model.  Unequaled in comfort, ease of use and style, the Biria Easy Boarding bicycle is as unique as it is functional. The company has grown its product mix by closely evaluating consumer’s needs. With the expansion of bicycle lanes across North America, the need for urban oriented bicycles became paramount. Biria USA expanded its offering to include a variety of City Bicycles with an upright riding position, folding bicycles, a 20-inch mini commuter and a single speed track oriented street bicycle. Biria Bicycle are offered in a variety of colors.

Biria Bicycles prides itself in being innovative, consumer focused, quality oriented and first to market with stylish bicycles that are fun to own. We are committed to providing the consumer various options in both color and frame design to satisfy your particular needs. Biria was born in Europe and brought to North America for your cycling pleasure!  We strive to remain dynamic and innovative in every aspect of our business.

Please go to the Biria Website above for any 2017 Model/Color selections which we can get within 2 days usually and take around a day to do our Loving Assembly and Upgrading as we have limited New In Stock Inventories yet will be happy to inquire about availability of any model in the Model, Sizing, Frame Variety, Color and Pricing.

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