New 2019 Season Sale!

We currently have around 250 New In Stock Bicycles of every variety mostly KHS Bicycles now celebrating their 45 Years of Championship Winning Bicycle Manufacture!

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New Bicycles In Stock as Upgraded and Priced Out the Door with Sales Taxes as Included come with the In Stock Store Credit Additional Bonus of $50 on All New In Stock Bicycles and $100 on all New In Stock Bicycle priced over $1000!!!  Get a New Helmet, Lock or Floor Pump or Light Set or Bicycle Rack or Car Rack or Trainers from our quality manufacturers to go with your purchase at the pricing as posted on awesome deals!   New 2019 Models from our Quality Brands are coming Online and are now currently available so do visit the manufacturers brand tabs and link in to their websites and review their New 2019 models and prices.

While visiting the bikes featured click on the View Full Size and then click in to zoom around and see up close and study the bikes and components and various upgrading as zoomed in, the Alloy Body Steel Cage Pedals with Strapless Nylon Toe Clips keep your feet secure without ensnarement delivering more effective and enjoyable riding enabling you to BOND with the Bicycle without being bound to it!  Please do LOOK at them, they make you to LOVE to Ride a Bicycle more than ever!

American Made Forged Aluminum Kickstands also are view able as here featured are among our typical Upgrades.

Additionally Stop Flat II Tire Puncture Protection Liners each as designated by the Optimal Tire Sizing

Whether for All Terrain Bikes with Fat Tires or Urban, Road, Racing, BMX, Folding or Electric Hybrid bicycles they enable you to ride for years without flats (When proper tire pressures are maintained on a routine basis).

 The above tire was on the rear wheel and ridden for 1-1/2 Years and never had a flat due to the Stop Flat II Tire Puncture Protection Liners!

On Recessed Spoke Hole Double Wall Rims the VELOX French Cotton Rim Tapes are automatic Proven Upgrades for our Road and Urban format double Wall Rims with High Pressure Tire bike assemblies as the prevention of flats on the inside part of the wheel is an additional one of the keys to successful effective enjoyable problem free dependable riding.

Proven, Durable, Serviceable resist deformation under high pressure or when servicing wheels installed on all our Double Wall Rim Wheeled New Bicycles.

More of the same in the Service Shop Roll Since 1903 VELOX Rim Tapes

Classic and perhaps the most Durable Handlebar Bar Ends VELOX

  Other Point of Purchase Added Value Upgrades are Available to Optimize your ride such as the higher pressure higher performance narrow profile tire upgrades which are the most direct route to making any bicycle faster and can transform the slow All Terrain Bikes to go more than twice as fast making them the choice for the perfect formula for urban bicycling.

FAST TIRE UPGRADES can change a slow All Terrain Bike into a PHENOMENAL URBAN BIKE UP TO 2-1/2 TIMES FASTER!

This customer couldn’t stand the relatively nice new department store delivered bike until he took my advice and tried the Alloy Body Steel Cage Pedals with Strapless Nylon Toe Clips with VELOX French Cotton Rim Tapes and Stop Flat II Tire Puncture Protection Liners.  They instantly convert your slow bike into a SPEEDSTER, SCARY FAST!  ALWAYS USE YOUR HELMET!


This gentleman’s bike came as featured below left with the Fat 26×2.125″ 65 psi tires and after the one month opted for the Fast Tire Upgrade Purchase Bonus of typically the Schwalbe Marathon Comp 26×1.5″ 100 psi featured on the 26″ Wheel Upgraded Models or as above on the Red Bicycle and below with the AWESOME Continental Super Sport Plus an AWESOME 120psi DURABLE TIRE

Original slow Tires        120psi Fast tires          120psi Fast tires          120psi Fast tires

Strapless Toe Clips

  There’s a few pics of these Upgraded Fast Tire rides with these mostly on Hardtail and full Suspension rides as they transform slow mountain bikes into speedy urban road masters and everyone who tries them LOVES them as they make the slow ATB’s into the perfect urban ride still trail capable and you keep your original fat 65psi Knobby Tires and Tubes for when you want to do the more extraterrestrial terrains of the world as part of the Point of Purchase Added Value Deal a great way to sweeten up any purchase, the Cheshire Cat grins my customers give me when getting back from the test rides let’s me know I hit the nail on the head, 100,000 miles of NYC riding experience helped me to learn the whys and wherefores of successful performance bicycling.  Use the Clearance Sale Purchase Bonus to get a built in gauge 160psi capable Shraeder/Presta Floor Pump to keep the tires routinely pumped to maximum rated tire pressures rock hard for optimal riding efficiency!

New Bike Orders as not in stock also receive the typical Upgrades as we want you to ride effectively, enjoyably, dependably, safely and to make every purchase a “DEAL”!  Look into the brands and varieties of bikes and also go to the manufacturers website links ABOVE as featured to see the companies website links to visit and study their complete current models to otherwise to See What is Available for each of the product lines we sell and study the company histories, it’s an adventure!

ALL The Bicycles featured below are as In Stock and as Upgraded and Priced Out the Door with Sales Taxes as Included with the In Stock Store Credit Additional Bonus of $50 on All New In Stock Bicycles and $100 on all New In Stock Bicycle priced over $1000!!!  Ask Us!

Each Bike with the Upgrades, Taxes and Purchase Bonus and Loving Assembly Is Such a Deal!

Holidays/Winter End of Season Clearance Sale!!!

“For the Love of Bicycling”


All New In Stock Upgraded Bicycles $700 and Up Take Additional 10% Off!!!!