KHS FLITE 100 $750


KHS FLITE 100 $750

KHS FLITE 100 $750

The available Infinite Black 57, 60 cm and 60cm Ghost White 2012 KHS Flite 100 Track Bikes are built out of awesome Reynolds 520 Chromoly Steel Double Butted Tubing, Weinmann SP17 Alloy Double Wall Rims and has been a benchmark standard of track bikes for pricing and quality for decades and has been Upgraded several ways… As it comes with the alternating Flip Flop Rear Hub which accomodates the rider to use the bike as a Fixed Gear or when desired a Free Gearing 1 Speeder, I have included a New Shimano 16 tooth Freegear so it matches the 16T Rear Fixed Gear which is stock making the bike ready to go Fixed or Free Gearing. Velox Cotton Rim Tapes the standard of recessed spoke hole protection for decades are included along with Stop Flat II Tire Puncture Protection Liners which enable the rider when tires are properly inflated to virtually eliminate flat tires. For Free Gearing around a 2nd pair of Alloy Body Steel Cage Pedals with Strapless Nylon Toeclips are included to enable comfortable non foot ensnared pedaling pleasure when preferring the free gearing advantages of the bikes versatility to go Fixed or Free Gearing. All these Upgrades have been included as Lovingly Assembled with Taxes as Included for $750!

Get the 58cm model on the floor in Infinite Black with the In Stock Clearance Sale Purchase Bonus of a $50 Store Credit or order an out of stock special order with a $50 Anniversary Bonus,

Newer 2013’s and 2014″s are available in All Sizes 50, 53, 55, 57, 60 in Matte Grey or Matte Black.

Newest 2015’s are available in All Sizes in Merlot as similarly Upgraded with Taxes as Included $750!

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